Sunday, August 7, 2011

MOOC Musings

Busy times on the prairie. But, it has been great to follow the panels, discussions and commentaries. I continue to be amazed by the high level discussions on the variey of topics we are covering. I am learning much.

As we collectively craft the Wikipedia definition of maasive open online classes, discussions recently are shifting to the "o" for openness. I have found the discussions fascinating. It should, of course be free and open to all. It should allow participants to drop in and stop out. It should blend both freedom and meaningfulness for all participants.

One of our upcoming discussions is whether we may want to launch a MOOC using a textbook - an open textbook, of course. We are finishing up an open textbook project among the three campuses of the University of Illinois - drawing upon the faculty expertise at the university. The topic is one that has broad international interest. And, an open textbook, combined with resources of the scale we offered - and the massive offerings provided by participants - could be powerful. An open textbook could provide a pathway -a roadmap - through the topic with participants and panels taking side trips along the way.

I am at O'Hare en route to the Penn State University for our annual Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning (co-directed this year by panelists Larry Ragan and Bruce Chaloux). Much to learn there. I will be "up in the air" on my return trip for the upcoming collaborations, collective and clouds panel, but I will catch it on the recording.

Take Care! "See you online"


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