Friday, July 8, 2011

eduMOOC+ Hanging out, Huddling, and Sparking in Circles

I suppose it was inevitable that during a two-month period we would have a new technology emerge that would become the buzz. With "hangouts" and "circles" and "sparks" and "mobile" and "huddle" and more - this week it is Google+.

And, so it seems that we are becoming eduMOOC+ with many circles and searching in sparks and hangout conversations about eduMOOC. We are re-shaping the social side of MOOCs with a bunch of new ways to network and connect and share. This sure is going to make for an interesting case study - with the shift to (or adoption of) Google+ in the middle of the eduMOOC.

That's not to say that we have had a perceptible slowdown in blogging, tweeting, wiki-ing, facebooking, and Moodling. But, now we are plussing on top of it all! I think of it as a kind of "super-sizing" our social orders.

What is really exciting to see is how we are teaching each other how to use this new social side of Google. And, how we are sharing invitations to give scores of fellow MOOCers a hand in getting aboard the giant PLUS!

Very cool. Very social. Very open. Very, uh, MOOCish.

Now more than 2,600 of us.

You can find me plussing about at ... maybe we can "hangout" together or get in a "circle" to "huddle" on our "mobiles!"

... much more to learn this weekend.

"See" you online!

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