Sunday, June 26, 2011

MOOC Never Sleeps - But It Dines at MacDonald's on Riccarton Road in Christchurch, NZ!

Last night I wrote that I was worried about generating study groups where questions could be asked and discussions could be held. I went to sleep still concerned. I woke up about 2:30 in the morning and checked my email to find five kind participants had expressed interest in working on this in Wikispaces. John said he was interested in discussion groups - not online, but rather in person. I gave edit permissions to all and went back to sleep. This morning, there were new discussion groups ready-to-go! See them at . And, Derek Chirnside had posted a number of opportunities to hold in-person discussions in New Zealand! There is one in the works for July 1 in Christchurch at the MacDonald's on Riccarton Road, 4:00 pm. (remarkable!) I won't be able to make it on Friday.... but, perhaps some day.

I am learning that the MOOC never sleeps. And, that people are engaged everywhere.

I just published a new networking list. I hope we get more to fill out the networking form ... check out the blogs, Twitter addresses, home pages, wikis and more at the Participant Contact and Networking Page ! When at the page, you can press ctrl + F to search for terms or names on the list.

The MOOC belongs to everyone. We collectively build this learning opportunity through our engagement in the many activities open to us such as:

  • Discussions in the Google Group

  • Discussions in the Wiki

  • Bookmarking and tagging with edumooc in Diigo

  • Tweeting with #edumooc

  • Blogging

  • Other social networking

  • Web pages

One of our participants whose name I have forgotten has mentioned that MOOCs are supposed to be messy, but also connected and distributed.

Thank you to all who are particpating!


  1. you might want to add Delicious to the list even if Diigo is the designated social bookmark app. Many of us use both. There are already 60+ bookmarks there,

    Also: Google reader and aggregator sites like NetVibes, PageFlakes, etc

  2. Thanks for the suggestions.